• Transform dirty roofs

    Pitched and flat roof washing is also undertaken
  • We wash shop fronts, conservatories, driveways, patios & more

    attention to detail ensures high quality results
  • Want to remove red or green algae?

    We can do with ease, leaving your property looking refreshed
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The Painting and Power Washing Company can provide a Power Presure Washing Service for all your needs from a totally independent and mobile service to roof washing and red algae removal.

Domestic Properties:  We can wash down any house, including conservatories, garages, sheds, paths and driveways.  Should your property suffer from red algae, then this can easily be removed and treated.  We can also wash your roof, giving amazing results.

commercial powerwashingShops, and Commercial Premises
: For this service, we have a tailor-made service, where we can wash your shop front or the like, outside of trading hours, therefore no inconvenience to your business.  Having our own water bowsers and petrol power pressure washers, we do not run hoses or electric supply cables through your business.  This service is offered to shopkeepers and owners for after close of business and bankholidays.  Pavements and the like also undertaken

redalgae removal wales2Red Algae Treatment and Removal: If your business or property suffers from this, we can successfully remove it. 

This is a common problem, Red Algae thrives on an alkaline and salty surfaces such as render and roughcast and will only ever spread and thrive with time unless treated.


Agricultural Buildings and Yards : We also provide a Power Washing Service to the agricultural industry where such buildings like sheds, barns, stables, kennels and milking parlours can be washed out including farm yards and machinery.

Roof washing: We now offer a service where we can wash and clean your roof and chimneys.  We can do this without the need of getting on to your roof, eliminating the risk of damage to your slates or tiles.  Our telescopic lances can reach most domestic ridges without any problem.  Naturally once the roof is cleaned, we will do your gutters and downpipes.

This service can truly give life to your property, giving an instant uplift to the appearance and is most often overlooked.  The results can be amazing!



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